Bristol University Think Big Scholarships: Bridging Borders for Academic Brilliance

As part of its commitment to fostering academic excellence and global diversity, Bristol University is thrilled to unveil the Illumination Scholarships, a visionary program designed to empower exceptional international students embarking on their educational journey towards Bachelors or Masters degrees. Committed to fostering a dynamic academic environment, the university is allocating a substantial £500,000 investment to beckon forth the most brilliant intellects worldwide. This initiative aims to cultivate a kaleidoscope of talents that will enrich the university’s diverse tapestry of knowledge and innovation.

Overview of Bristol University

Situated in the United Kingdom, the University of Bristol is renowned for its academic prowess and commitment to innovation. The Think Big Scholarships underline the institution’s dedication to providing a world-class education to students from across the globe.

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Eligible Programs

The Think Big Scholarships cover a wide array of full-time undergraduate and postgraduate programs. However, certain exclusions apply, including Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Science for undergraduate studies. Additionally, eligible two-year programs such as MSc Social Work and MA Law are covered under the postgraduate scholarships.

Target Group Of Bristol University

The scholarships are exclusively for international students, emphasizing Bristol University’s aspiration to create a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

Scholarship Values

Undergraduate Scholarships

For undergraduate international students, the Think Big Scholarships offer two tiers of financial assistance:

£6,500 per year
£13,000 per year
These amounts are dedicated solely to covering tuition fees.

Postgraduate Scholarships

Postgraduate international students can benefit from the following scholarship values:

£6,500 per year
£13,000 per year
£26,000 per year
Similar to undergraduate scholarships, these funds are designated for covering tuition fees.

Additional Support

In addition to the tuition fee coverage, eligible applicants may also qualify for a £3,000 living cost bursary during their inaugural year of study, providing further financial support.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Think Big Scholarships, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Overseas Student Classification: Applicants must be classified as overseas students for fee purposes.
Program Choice: The scholarship is applicable to those applying for any full-time undergraduate program (excluding Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Science) or any one-year, full-time postgraduate program.
Additionally, eligible two-year programs like MSc Social Work and MA Law are covered.

Application Process For Bristol University

Prospective students interested in the Think Big Scholarships should follow these application guidelines:

Online Application Form: Use the International Scholarships online application form to apply for both the Think Big Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships.
Deadline for Undergraduate Scholarships: Submit your application by 10 am (UK time) on 26 February 2024.
Deadline for Postgraduate Scholarships: The deadline for postgraduate scholarships is 29 April 2024, 10 am (UK time).

Benefits of Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

Financial Support for Tuition Fees

Undergraduate Level

The Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships provide financial support in two categories: £6,500 and £13,000 per year. This funding is specifically allocated to cover the expenses associated with tuition fees for the entirety of the undergraduate program.

Postgraduate Level

Postgraduate students can benefit from three tiers of financial support: £6,500, £13,000, and £26,000 per year. Similar to undergraduate scholarships, these funds are designated to cover tuition fees, offering a substantial contribution to the overall cost of education.

Living Cost Bursary

In addition to the tuition fee coverage, eligible recipients of the Think Big Scholarships may be entitled to a £3,000 living cost bursary during their first year of study. This supplementary financial support aims to ease the initial transition and enhance the overall student experience, allowing scholars to focus on their academic pursuits.

Access to a World-Class Education

Bristol University, known for its academic excellence and research contributions, provides Think Big Scholars with the opportunity to receive a world-class education. The scholarships not only alleviate financial burdens but also open doors to a diverse and intellectually stimulating academic environment.

Cultural Diversity and Global Networking

Being an international student at Bristol University means becoming part of a culturally rich and globally diverse community. Think Big Scholars have the chance to interact with peers from different corners of the world, fostering a global perspective and creating lifelong connections with future leaders and professionals.

Career Advancement Opportunities

A degree from Bristol University is a valuable asset in the global job market. Think Big Scholars benefit not only from the academic rigors of their chosen programs but also from the university’s strong ties with industry leaders. The institution’s career services and networking events provide scholars with valuable opportunities for internships, mentorships, and potential career advancements.

Contribution to Research and Innovation

Bristol University is at the forefront of groundbreaking research and innovation. Think Big Scholars have the chance to engage with cutting-edge research projects, work alongside esteemed faculty members, and contribute to advancements in their respective fields. This hands-on experience adds a practical dimension to their academic journey and prepares them for impactful careers.

Development of Leadership and Soft Skills

Beyond academic achievements, Think Big Scholars have access to various extracurricular activities, leadership development programs, and soft skills workshops. These initiatives are designed to enhance communication skills, leadership qualities, and adaptability—essential attributes for success in today’s dynamic professional landscape.


The Bristol University Think Big Scholarships stand as a testament to the institution’s dedication to global education and diversity. By investing in the intellectual potential of international students, the university aims to create a dynamic and inclusive academic community. Aspiring students are encouraged to seize this opportunity to pursue their academic dreams at one of the UK’s premier educational institutions.


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